How to Come Home to Yourself in Less than 3 Minutes

In day to day life there might be moments or situations when you feel overwhelmed, overloaded, you might feel that you are going overboard, or that your mind is spinning out of control. It can be very helpful to have a simple tool to help you stay grounded and regain some balance and space. In these situations I find it very helpful to take a moment to come home to myself. The following simple practice of ‘touching base with yourself’ very powerful.

This simple practice can be done anywhere, anytime, whenever you are triggered, and the need arises to stop and take a little break. You can also choose to do it first thing in the morning, before the momentum of the day kicks in.

A Simple Practice of Touching base with yourself:

Start with grounding yourself in the here and the now: feel alive in your body, feel physical sensations coming and going, become aware of the movements of breathing, connect with sounds arising in this moment, with smells. Then turn your attention within and take time your time to touch base with yourself: become aware of the inner dialogue,
the constant inner talk, the mental images passing through your mind….

Just be with yourself…however you find yourself: in all your madness, in despair, with your ‘out of control’ mind, in grief, being confused, in loneliness, irritable, struggling with inner or outer chaos…whatever is present in the moment.

Just sit with it and let it be, with an open heart and an open mind. With unconditional friendliness towards yourself: simply connect with the energy of whatever presents itself…

Not blocking anything, not suppressing, not feeding it, not controlling, not escaping, not judging, not trying to fix it. Just drop the story line.

Sit with it, lean into it, move closer and let it naturally unfold…
Feel the texture, the raw energy of it all….allowing it to arise….and pass.
There is nothing to do and nothing to get…just be the silent witness.
Sustain this quality of quiet inner knowing, that knows what’s going on, but itself is not involved.
Just sit with it…
And when you feel drawn to move on, take a moment to become aware how refreshing and liberating this was….
That is like: coming home, coming home to yourself…
What a relief

Hedwig Bakker


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