A Summer Soup Recipe – Gazpacho

Here is a delicious, health-filled very simple Iced Gazpacho Soup recipe ‘in praise of tomatoes’. This version requires no cooking, takes only minutes to prepare, and is perfect for a picnic lunch or as a refreshing start to a leisurely summer evening dinner.

Iced Gazpacho Soup

All you need is a liquidiser; 1 litre of tomato juice; 6 medium tomatoes and 1 capsicum (any colour), roughly chopped; 1 small cucumber, I medium red onion and 3 cloves of garlic, all peeled and chopped; 3tbsp of olive oil; juice of one lemon; pepper and salt to taste.  Whizz everything around in the liquidiser, and chill. Enjoy!

Michael Leunig sums up one of the joys of mid-summer with this praise for tomatoes in his delightful A Common Prayer – 

‘We salute the tomato, cheery, fragrant morsel, beloved provider, survivor and thriver and giver of life. Giving and giving and giving. Plump with summer’s joy….

Dear God, give strength to the wings and knees of pollinating bees, give protection from hailstorms, gales and frosts, give warm days and quenching rains. Refresh and adorn our gardens and tables. Refresh us with tomatoes.

Rejoice and rejoice! Celebrate the scarlet soul of winter sauces. Behold the delicious flavour! Behold the oiled vermillion moons that ride and dive in olive-bobbing seas of vinegared lettuce. Let us rejoice…’

Recipe by Penelope Carroll (Mana Trustee)

Picture source The Leaf


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