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In the spirit of generosity, with the understanding that everyone’s financial resources are different in these times of uncertainty, this retreat is offered freely and there are two ways that you can express your gratitude if you like:
  1. Donation to the Teachers.
  2. Donation to Mana Retreat Center.

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  2. Leave a note in the ‘Order Notes’ box to let us know how much you would like to gift to Bob & Jan, and Mana Retreat.

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Bob Stahl
Bob Stahl, PhD, has founded eight Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs in medical centers in the SF Bay Area and is currently offering programs at Dominican Hospital and El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos and Mt. View. Dr. Stahl serves as a Senior Teacher for Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Brown University Mindfulness Center. Bob is coauthor of 5 books and is the guiding teacher at Insight Santa Cruz and a visiting teacher at Spirit Rock.
Insight Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Jan Landry
Jan Landry, BSN MA, has worked in the field of hospice care both as a nurse and as a chaplain, for over 30 years. Her work in the field of death and dying, serves as an ongoing reminder of how precious each and every moment of life is, and informs her meditation practice which has developed and deepened over many years. She is a yoga practitioner, a student of the Ridhwan School and of life. As a teacher of mindfulness meditation, she hopes to support others in cultivating a practice of mindfulness that fosters awareness and deep listening to the inner wisdom of one’s own heart.

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