Curious what is like to retreat at home?

Our Happy Retreatants have great things to say...

Hermann Hesse

"Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself."

"I'd never done a yoga retreat online before & was delighted at how well this worked. A leisurely practice in my own space at home was fantastic - immediately making it real & integrated with what's going on in my life."

Kasha Latimer

“Perhaps paradoxically, and somewhat unexpectedly, it was a very intimate process. It somehow felt both intense and spacious. I really loved starting my day in community and in practice. I found it set me up to let daily life be my practice in a very real way.”
Linda Surplice
“I was really impressed with the quality of this online teaching. Everything was thought of and managed with the upmost professionalism. I’m so glad I signed up!"
Debbie Schultz
'Absolutely loved being part of this retreat. I live in Australia so this was a wonderful way for me to be part of this experience. Magical healing of self nurturing from the comfort of home at an overseas location. Just wonderful!! Thank you for such a wonderful retreat."
Zoë Collins

Joy of Rest Restorative Retreat

"I have been to a few Mana retreats over the years. I was interested to see how the online Joy of Rest retreat would work. Well organised. Resources available for us online as a follow up. Felt 'blissed out' by the end of the weekend. Would highly recommend."
Clare McCormack
"The impact of the online experience surprised me . Although different to face to face teaching ,the spirit of the teaching and the practice reached across the miles."
Johnella Bird
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