How To Create Your Course With Mana Online Community


In our changing world, where more and more people are accessing resources online and travelling less to reduce their carbon footprint there are many reasons why translating your retreat or course into an online program can be of service... to you and the world

Join our online community and create your own retreat, course or live event right here on the Mana website. This brief tutorial will outline how to build your course using our new course platform, powered by LearnDash.

With over 30 years of experience in holding space for retreats like yours, we feel it’s a good time to expand our vision to reach a global community too! That is why we have introduced a learning platform to

Powered by LearnDash, a renown Learning Management Software, we can now offer you the facilities to build,  publish, promote and sell your own course or retreat.

Here are just a few of the great features that you may like to use to bring your course to life.


  • Create a set fee for your course or let your participants offer a price that is affordable to them.
  • Schedule your course content so that participants can access it at a specific time and date. This works great if you are offering LIVE classes, workshops or teachings, and can support a multi-day retreat process where participants can access new information each day.
  • Set up weekly classes and have your participants pay a recurring weekly/monthly or yearly fee to access them.
  • Get the conversation started with a public or private forum, where your group can communicate with each other, or with you directly, one on one.
  • Offer a certification on completion. For courses where participants can gain teaching qualifications, CEU points for further education or accreditation.
  • Integrate tests and quizzes into your course to help participants retain their learning or demonstrate an understanding.

The best perk of all, is for a limited time only, we will get it all set up for you. Yes, that is right, you can save yourself the tech work by providing all of the content, videos, articles and information you want to include in your course and our team will bring it to life online.

That means you can focus on what you are good, teaching, sharing and inspiring, and we will do what we do best – hold space and create the perfect environment for your participants. 

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Jade Ferrière
Jade is our communications manager here at Mana and she oversees the vision of our new online learning platform. As well as being a bit of nerd when it comes to tech, she is also an avid content creator and designer. In this brief tutorial, she is lending her skills to demonstrate what is involved in building your online course or retreat with us.

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