All of us share a common life, a common world, a common destiny.

One of the reasons why meditation practice is so important is that it allows us to develop not only the kind of stability that makes it possible for us to open our heart, and our mind to the world in a very undefended way. And it will give us the strength of this strong back, our capacity to uphold ourselves in the midst of very complicated conditions, but also meditation provides the means for us to perceive reality more clearly and to have insight about the nature of our interconnectedness with each other. In this way we begin to realise the self is not this little sort of circumscribed entity that so many of us are defining and defending. But we begin to see the self from the big point of view where we really understand that there is no possibility for example for me to live without each other, without others, without this Earth being a healthy place, without the creatures, without the air in the ocean.

Working with our own edges, we can learn to embrace and celebrate the challenges of being human today as they are cracking our hearts open, bringing us the opportunity of coming nearer to spiritual illumination and wisdom in an unprecedented manner.

Standing at the edge, our determination to meet the world of suffering becomes a calling as we discover that compassion is the great vehicle that delivers us from suffering and gives us power, balance and ultimately freedom, no matter what we have faced. There, we see that all of us share a common life, a common world, a common destiny.

Written by Azriel ReShel

Source: Upliftconnect