Here and Now

Kanya Stewart has been teaching yoga, with a spiritual perspective, for thirty-three years, and has been a practitioner of Insight Meditation since her first ten day silent retreat in 1984.  With the encouragement of her teacher, Sharda Rogell, she has been teaching meditation courses for the past eight years, with emphasis on the importance of embodiment and loving-kindness.

Kanya has generously gifted us this short guided meditation (a snip-it from her 1 hour meditation CD) as way to gently call ourselves back to the present moment.

Here & Now a Guided Meditation

by Kanya Stewart

16 minutes

This gently guided meditation will help to bring you into the present moment, to turn off autopilot so that you can experience the richness and wonder of life. Take a pause with Kanya and feel refreshed, or delve deeper and let this guided recording be an intro into your own still point for however long you need.

Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 16:08


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