Maybe it’s something like a rule: when you’re in a moment in which your instincts are telling you to be hard, before you act, at least take a moment to consider what being soft would look like. What would the soft option be, what could result, and who might you become?

As a hard alpha-male, I made it far in life. By age thirty, I had been in meetings in the West Wing of the White House, worked with Fortune 500 Company CEOs, been to more than fifty countries, and made lots of money. But that year, I also fell apart, and it took a few years to put myself back together again.

Now, I’m a struggling entrepreneur. I gave up the suits and the flights and the tough talk. However, though I’ve been through a lot since the big change, I walked—not powered—through it with so much more clarity, and even strength, than before. I went soft.

Contemplate softness.

Written By Joshua Kauffman

Source: Uplift Connect