Heart Smile Challenge… a journey to Self Love


A simple, graceful yet powerful practice for transforming your vibration...

The heart connection can shift your vibration in a single instant; it can move you out of the divided mind creating suffering or angst and straight toward a coherent state of unity and peace. Here you might experience a feeling of coming home and being one with your-Self with a concurrent sense of well-being as you radiate your essence into the world.

On this 21 Day Heart Smile Challenge, you will feel lighter, brighter, more engaged, and alive to possibilities in each moment and each encounter. The daily practices create a sense of Sovereignty (ownership of your experience) and empowerment.

Connection to your heart vibration is an ongoing practice enabling and supporting you to heal yourSelf, your relationships, and to enable you toward a more coherent state for manifesting the life you came to live and share.

A consistent and consecutive practice, over 21 days, has long-lasting results. What is actually happening is you are rewiring your neurology away from a separate self, entangled in limited beliefs, coping, and survival, and reorienting your life by incorporating the ultimate power of love in the heart. We are developing a path and strengthening it from practice toward a force which is undivided and luminous. You may choose to incorporate this practice more long term into your life, as ongoing and powerful support for ‘living life as healing’ in order to live your fullest potential.

On this journey you will be invited to;

  • Connect to your hearts intelligence through your felt sense (somatic body experience).
  • Shift your vibration and return to a sense of wholeness.
  • ‘Unlearn’ whatever is no longer serving our life, through the heart’s power of illuminating hidden subconscious material.
  • Realise that peace, love and joy are not dependent on outer circumstances, rather they are fundamental and inherent, already here and always waiting for you.
  • Repattern old habits, and triggers,  built from our traumatic past filled with limiting beliefs, and scarcity.
  • Make a home for our very own inner source of gratitude and abundance.

The heart connection is dynamic and alive.  It can be felt directly by moving awareness to the heart space, and only through the doorway of the present moment.  One has to choose it, again and again. This soul initiation is also a doorway to mastery.  Loving this moment leads to a sovereign capacity to master your life, moment by moment.

Love is a connection, and turning on the natural alchemy of love to meet your deepest fears and limiting beliefs provides an unfolding path to integration and wholeness.  


21 Day Heart Smile Challenge like a living prayer


The 21 Day Heart Smile Challenge is for anyone who;


  • Wants to deepen their mindfulness practice in an embodied way.
  • Explore the patterns and internal programs that are holding them back from living a more conscious loving life.
  • Are ready to embrace all aspects of self, feelings, thoughts and experiences from a place of heart sovereignty.
  • Is looking for a way to commit to a practice of showing up to life with more authenticity.
  • Wants to be able to live from the essence of love despite whatever sadness, loss, hurt, or anguish they are experiencing.
  • Wants to get out of their head and learn to be more responsive rather than reactive to life.


With this 21 Day Challenge you will get:


  • A new practice and enquiry each day (for 21 days) to deepen your heart connection.
  • Meditations and guided video practices to help embody your experience.
  • Access to a private forum where you can share your experience and learn from others who have shared this same journey.
  • Lifetime access to course so that you can revisit time and time again.


What was the 21 Day Heart Smile Challenge like for others?

This practice has been so rewarding. Today I felt capable of holding a much more expansive field of love radiance around me and it was a nice day.


I found, when I talk with someone while I’m connected to my heart, this person starts to shine and it seems he became connected to his heart too .


I have noticed some moments are easier than others to connect, it’s like I do need to oil the door to my heart and let the smiles enter more freely. Some tired moments with annoying teenagers in class and I was willing the smile to fill my heart but it just wouldn’t lol


I find it so interesting to notice my attachment to ideas, concepts and beliefs in a tangible way as a way of staying a layer removed from my body and from the immediate experience of the now. and to notice the resistance to let go of that layer of stories.

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Leanora Rose
My own journey began in 1991 with an awakening experience. Since then I discovered that being and becoming my true Self is an unfolding path which includes healing unconscious traumatic imprints held within my ‘system’. This task, or great work, is an ongoing journey of discovery inspired from a direct connection to the heart centre. Healing at the causal level, is returning to the true Self.

In 2012 I created Embody Truth as a vehicle for expression to share the foundations of an efficient and effective way that was revealed through me. It is a feminine way, without dogma, of exploring the alchemical language of love. This is a sacred and alive connection to our soul in the present moment. It is also a somatic integration process, unifying all division back to a coherent singularity; the quintessential you arising as a unique expression of divinity.

I’ve learned that the alchemy of the Heart Smile is an entry point to a vast possibility for all people, whether you are an experienced yogi, or a passionate beginner. What you are, and what you need is here right now.

I am so looking forward to sharing this with you <3 Leanora

Get Started

Your commitment to the practice for 21 days is necessary. 21 days has been shown to be a powerful window for transforming your state of consciousness to a new level.
Each day you will receive access to a new practice and enquiry to deepen your heart connection.
Your one-off purchase of NZ$41 will give you lifetime access to this course.
Once you have completed the 21 Days the whole program is yours to keep. You can return to it again and again.
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