Showing Up for Your Practice, Just as You Are

We often may feel: if only all the conditions were perfect, then I could have a good practice. If I would be in an inspiring place, no disturbing sounds, peaceful, and having enough time.

But how often do all these favourable conditions come together?

And even if all the right outer conditions are there, maybe the supportive inner conditions are lacking: not being in the right frame of mind, feeling agitated, restless, wanting this or that….

Our spiritual practice starts to gain momentum when we do it regularly, so that it becomes part of ourselves (and not viewed as yet another thing to do). This requires that we can practice through all types of weather. Rain or shine, we do our practice, regardless of how we find ourselves.

Showing up for our practice, just as we are in this moment, learning to work with whatever state we find ourselves in. The soundtrack is: ‘allowing’, ‘acceptance’, ‘space’. Just telling yourself: “This is it”.

“This is how I am just now”….and getting on with it…with kindness, and most of all: with a sense of humour. Smile at yourself!

Another great asset for our spiritual practice to flourish is the attitude of not being ‘result-oriented’. In daily life we do so many things to ‘get somewhere’, to achieve or gain something, yet in spiritual practice this is counter-productive.

It is wonderful if we can do our practice without expectations, without the thought of having to achieve something, not thinking about a specific outcome. Our only responsibility is: to just do our practice wholeheartedly and the rest will take care of itself, naturally.

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