21 Questions – Dare to Know Yourself

The saying “ignorance is bliss” begins to make more and more sense the deeper we delve into the depths of self. As we peel back the layers of identity, conditioning and belief we expose the raw and somewhat vulnerable side of ourselves. It is at this point that we may question whether to take the ‘easier’ route… better the devil you know?  

The funny thing is… the ‘easy’ option often works out to be longer and harder, in the end.

So we are reviving the saying, “I̶g̶n̶o̶r̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ Awareness is Bliss !”

Coming home to oneself is the greatest journey one can embark on and as with any journey there are twists, turns and surprises!

Behind every self enquiry there is an emotional response and behind that response is our inner truth. Whether it is feelings of elation, joy, happiness, sadness, rejection or guilt there is opportunity to learn and heal.

Much of our journey is learning how to be with what is. Our instinct is to change, better or fix – can we allow what is to simply be, as neither good or bad, right or wrong?

That’s a bonus question and one for us to ponder together another day!

This list of questions has been collated by our founder and trustee Shanti Huebner, whose insight and guidance is forever supporting the Mana community to go within for the answers we seek.

There are 21 questions and each question has many layers.

There is no right way to to work with the questions, each to their own however we can suggest that you;

Hold one question at a time.

Allow yourself spaciousness and silence to be with the question 

Rest into the feelings, emotions and thoughts that may arise – do not be to quick to move past or change them.

As your first response begins to dissolve, read the question again.

You may find these questions a resourceful companion for making the most of your next retreat.

21 Questions

  1. What do I need to “clear up” or “let go” in order to be more peaceful?
  2. What gives my life meaning?
  3. For what am I grateful? How could I cultivate more gratitude in my life & express it more?
  4. How can I express my gratitude daily?
  5. What have I learned of Truth and how truthfully have I learned to live?
  6. What have I learned of love & how well have I learned to love?
  7. How can I be more generous with my time, energy, resources and love?
  8. What have I learned about tenderness, vulnerability, intimacy and communion?
  9. What have I learned about courage, strength, power and faith?
  10. What have I learned of the human condition and how great is my compassion?
  11. How am I handling suffering?
  12. What helps me to open my heart and empty my mind & experience the presence of spirit?
  13. What will give me strength as I die?
  14. If I remembered my breaths were numbered, how would I relate to breathing right now?
  15. How can I best share what I have learned?
  16. What makes my heart sing? What makes me feel alive? What is really important to me?
  17. What are my real gifts? Do I get a chance to really express and live them?
  18. Am I able to be in the moment, to let things go & just be here with what is?
  19. How do I nurture myself and others?
  20. Do I live from a place of gratitude & appreciation or do I get caught in wanting things to be different?
  21. What is my biggest challenge & how am I working with this at the moment?


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