Replenishing Herbal Teas

We at Mana are inspired by the abundance of fresh herbs growing in the garden and flourishing in nature. As the warmer weather calls for quenching our thirst we are enjoying delightful hot and cold herbal teas.

The healing properties of herbs have long been used to restore balance to the body and mind. Here are a few of our favourite flavours in season at the moment.

  • Plantain – a general healing tonic with a primary anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial natures with a deeply earthy flavour
  • Parsley – an excellent source of Vitamin K, C, A, folate & iron. A carminative herb for easing the lower digestive system.
  • Calendula or Marigold – a general anti-microbial & antiseptic with soft floral flavours.
  • Kawakawa – healing and soothing ailments of the mouth & throat whilst restoring balance to all major organs with a strong peppery & astringent flavour.
  • Rosemary – a general anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory with a warm pine flavour.

We suggesting blending a mixture of herbs together to create an inspired flavour or often the simpler the better letting each herb stand alone.


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