Abiding in the Luminous Heart

A practice offered by Atum O’Kane (inspired by Padmasambhava)

Begin by taking a few conscious breaths, relaxing into yourself and slowly, with awareness, be deeply with each of these inner reflections. Breathe with them; allow them to penetrate into your core.

Deeply rooted… in the present moment;


Seeing from a clear, open spacious mind;


Beyond doubt and fear;


Abiding in the Luminous Heart of equinimity;


The way unfolds before me.


This practice has been shared by Shanti Huebner, Mana Retreat trustee, and taken as an excerpt from her recently published book ‘Finding the Luminous Field’.

For more information about Shanti and her book visit our recent article ‘An Interview with Shanti Huebner’ >

To purchase ‘Finding the Luminous Field’ – paper back or kindle visit Amazon.com by clicking here >

For a full colour edition click here >

To learn more about Atum and his upcoming event at Mana ‘The Garden of the Soul and it’s Seasons’ click here >


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