Tara Choir

Singing is part of everyday life at Mana, with staff and trustees alike sharing the joy of song. You’ll hear singing in the kitchen and dining room; in the octagon and Tara sanctuary; and frequently echoing around the hills and along the bush paths.

The exquisite Tara Sanctuary is home to Tara Choir, an a Capella group of passionate singers who practice harmony building through the healing power of sound, mindfulness and deep listening.

Each week the choir gather in the Sanctuary to sing, share and celebrate life – over the years they have traveled abroad to explore the realms of sound, from Taizé  retreats in France, to indigenous sound workshops in Australia, the photo above was taken last year during a singing retreat in Bali.

As friends, neighbours and colleagues their harmony is found not only in sound but through the journey they walk together.

“Singing opens the heart,” says Mana trustee, Rainer. He, along with wife and fellow-trustee Shanti, have lead Tara choir at Mana for more than 20 years. “We now have a repertoire of over 250 songs,” he says. “We sing together in the knowledge that we are singing sacred music. The choir has become a sacred practice for us, one which brings us all much joy as well as giving joy to others.”

We invite you to close your eyes and be transported into this sacred resonance live at the Sanctuary, wherever you are, retreat with us.

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Songs from Tara Choir


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