Quick and Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Whenever you feel good about yourself and your life, you are in a state of higher vibration. The more you feel happy, joyful, loving, ecstatic, blissful – the more you will be living in a high vibration, and the more moments you will have of feeling wonderful and in a state of love for yourself and others. 

Let us share a few ideas for energising and raising your vibration:

Being Grateful

Being aware of your breath

Being in nature



Finding moments for silence

Walking barefoot outdoors in nature

Being in your body – exercising, walking, running, dancing, doing yoga etc

Listening to uplifting music or sounds

Blessing a stranger with your smile

De-cluttering a small area of your home

Bringing nature indoors with a pot plant or freshly picked flower arrangement

Reading an uplifting book

Singing or chanting

Eating nourishing and delicious foods

Drinking fresh stream or rain water

Cleansing yourself or your space with sage or incense

Finding love and compassion for someone who is agitating you

Eating raw cacao or dark chocolate

Laying down on the grass and watch the clouds

Gazing deeply into someones eyes

Watching the sunset or sunrise

Climbing a mountain and looking out over the view


These are just a few ideas that we hope can inspire… today is gonna be a good day!


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