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Our beautiful, open plan kitchen is the warm, nourishing centre of Mana and the food served to guests is an important aspect of the Mana experience. It gives us pleasure to share some of our most requested recipes, the food philosophy behind our menus and the in the procehy is Mana totally vegetarian?ss respond to the questions most often asked about the food served at Mana.

Why is Mana Totally vegetarian?

Like many retreat centers around the world, Mana has always been vegetarian. We believe that this diet supports simple, healthy eating that promotes clear mind and body, while treading lightly on the planet.

What is Mana’s food philosophy?

We use local, seasonal, fresh, homemade whole foods; organic wherever possible. An increasing amount of food is grown on the Mana land and we preserve when there is seasonal abundance. We serve a whole food, mostly organic menu and each meal has sources of protein and a good percentage of raw foods.Typically we serve the main meal at lunchtime when we are more active, and a lighter meal of soup and salads in the evening. This is usually followed by the ever important treat of a dessert – wholesome, low sugar, delicious. Snacks when supplied to a group are simple and wholesome – veggies and dip; fruit and nuts.

What about special diets?

Special diet requests have increased along with nutritional and health trend awareness. Vegan, gluten and dairy free diets are quite standard these day, plus we support guests with more complex food choices when food is being used as medicine to enhance wellbeing.

Will my body get enough protein?

Each meal served at Mana takes protein supply into account and over the day the body is supplied with totally adequate amounts – rice milk mixed into hot cereal, the nut butters and other tasty spreads, the seeds & nuts sprinkled through salads, the soy milk or tahini in the delicious dressings, the quinoa and other whole grains as well as the more obvious beans, legumes, eggs, dairy products, tofu & tempeh.

What about all the carbohydrates served in a vegetarian diet?

As in all things, balance is important. A high protein, low carb diet over an extended time for weight loss and to reduce insulin production can stress the kidneys and liver. Whole food carbohydrate sources, including vegetables are typically slowly absorbed by the body and therefore low on the glycemic index. The other advantage of whole grains is that nature has a great skill in packaging vital vitamins, minerals and oils along with carbohydrate for the best absorption and health.

Does every group eat the same menus?

Our menus vary to support the group: a simple ‘Indian’ type of diet for a yoga group; menus following ayurvedic or macrobiotic principles when this is part of the teaching; healthy vegetarian twists on familiar dishes for newcomers adjusting to a new way of eating; a mostly raw, detoxifying menu to help alkalise and cleanse the body where health & rejuvenation are primary focus; specialised diets for particular health conditions like the Gawler Institutes diet for cancer patients based on the “Living into Health” cookbook by Ian Gawler.


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