A Prayer for Courage in Uncertain Times

Allowing Grace to Illuminate Our way

There have been many times in my life that I have felt helpless or even useless. Particularly in situations when I feel I have no influence or control: an aggressive or destructive weather pattern, a friend with an incurable disease who is in pain, a friend whose partner walked out, extreme political upheaval and of course pandemics, like the Corona Virus, that loom over all media platforms and test our faith in systems, as well as within ourselves. 

We are all called to respond in varying ways: professionals with skilled action, colleagues to boost morale, to be good neighbours and friends in looking out for one another, to be vigilant in our amplifying care and to tread softly with the varying emotional landscapes we find ourselves in, as the fear takes hold. We can always do something useful, worthy and kind.  

When our responses are grounded in Love, in meditation, mindfulness, and prayer, we all have a greater resonance for right-action or non-action. Both might be useful. In my life, it’s often been those little pauses, some minutes, some seconds, and some fractions of a second that have helped me keep a level head and a grateful heart. Without the pauses, I can easily fall into panic and overwhelm. I’m built that way. Without the pauses, I drop into old habits and ways of doing, thinking and responding. I can easily abandon flow, trust and being. The pauses allow grace in. I’m going to write that again … give it space.

The Pauses Allow Grace in.

Now I can feel myself more. Feel my weight in the chair. Feel the fingers click-clacking over the keyboard. Watching the light-speed words appear on the screen instantaneously from thought to finger to screen. Deep breath. 

What can I do to infuse the collective field right now? How can I collaborate as oneness, in oneness, for the raising of collective consciousness? How can I be the support? How can I let my unique gifts, along with presence, nourish and soothe the consciousness that as an outward manifestation is vibrating with the hum of the Corona Virus?

One spark is all you need to nourish the flame that will cleanse the dark.

I will offer a prayer, a blessing, a gentle way of being with all of this. One that supports my nervous system, my heart and my soul, planetary consciousness and beyond. 

Blessing for Courage by John O’Donohue

When the light around lessens
And your thoughts darken until
Your body feels fear turn
Cold as a stone inside,

When you find yourself bereft
Of any belief in yourself
And all you unknowingly
Leaned on has fallen,

When one voice commands
Your whole heart,
And it is raven dark,

Steady yourself and see
That it is your own thinking
That darkens your world.

Search and you will find
A diamond-thought of light,

Know that you are not alone,
And that this darkness has purpose;
Gradually it will school your eyes,
To find the one gift your life requires
Hidden within this night-corner.

Invoke the learning
Of every suffering
You have suffered.

Close your eyes.
Gather all the kindling
About your heart
To create one spark
That is all you need
To nourish the flame
That will cleanse the dark
Of its weight of festered fear.

A new confidence will come alive
To urge you towards higher ground
Where your imagination
will learn to engage difficulty
As its most rewarding threshold!


Take a moment for yourself. Really feel into what’s activated in you around the Corona Virus pandemic. What would be the best way to serve yourself and the greater whole right now? We’d love to hear your gentle comments. Comment on how you aim to serve the Unified field of Unity, Peace, and Love.

May the light dance the shadows away. 

Written by: Paul C Pritchard


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