Changes to Support the Prevention of Covid-19 Pandemic

In light of the information and evidence around COVID-19 we have made a number of changes to our schedule and how we are operating the centre.

At the forefront is our intention to protect our community and still offer a safe haven for those prepared to attend retreats. Here is a quick update on the changes:

We have had a number of groups with teachers travelling internationally cancel their events. Over the next couple of months, the only groups who will be staying at Mana will be from within New Zealand, both teachers and guests alike. We will not be hosting any visitors from overseas until the current travel bans are lifted.

  • We are closely monitoring official guidance from local government and health authorities and the World Health Organization in order to support the health and well‑being of our community.

  • We have put hand sanitizers in all our meeting rooms, bathrooms, lodging, and dining area.

  • We have increased the cleaning schedule of all door handles and bathroom fixtures.

  • Guests who are symptomatic of cold or flu are being asked to stay at home – whether viral or not – to avoid infection and the potential of causing anxiety among the group.

  • During our orientations, we are asking all our guests (and staff) to wash their hands regularly, use their own personal drink bottles with lid and not reuse dishware during meals.

  • We are actively encouraging our team to stay home if they present any symptoms.

At present we all need to be more mindful and self-responsible than usual about personal hygiene and the wellbeing of the greater community. Even though you yourself may be well, others in the group may be more prone to serious illness if exposed to the virus. With this in mind we ask all of the people visiting Mana, our team, volunteers, guests and presenters alike, to please follow these guidelines, which mirror the World Health Organisation (and simple good sense) practice at this time:

  • If you are feeling unwell please stay home and recover. Come back when you’re feeling better.
  • Everyone, please wash your hands regularly.
  • If you sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue and dispose of it, or cover your mouth and nose with your elbow.
  • Please think twice (or more) about initiating physical contact. Obviously this is your personal choice, but most importantly check-in and respect other people’s decisions regarding hugs etc….
  • Try to minimise touching your own face.
  • Remember that there are others who may be more vulnerable to Coronavirus than you are.

    We see this is an opportunity to bring more mindfulness to our lives, to practice self-care and the care of others as we journey with the awakening of consciousness, the unfolding of our healing potential and the realisation of our essential unity in these challenging times. 

    If you have a scheduled visit to Mana and have questions we invite you to get in touch with our team by email. We are doing our best to notify guests of any changes to upcoming events and are amending our cancellation policy for those who are affected by the travel bans and cancellations.

    A friend shared this poem with us and it feels right to share it with you. It offers a nurturing perspective of the caronavirus and this time of change.


    What if you thought of it

    as the Jews consider the Sabbath—

    the most sacred of times?

    Cease from travel.

    Cease from buying and selling.

    Give up, just for now,

    on trying to make the world

    different than it is.

    Sing. Pray. Touch only those

    to whom you commit your life.

    Center down.

    And when your body has become still,

    reach out with your heart.

    Know that we are connected

    in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.

    (You could hardly deny it now.)

    Know that our lives

    are in one another’s hands.

    (Surely, that has come clear.)

    Do not reach out your hands.

    Reach out your heart.

    Reach out your words.

    Reach out all the tendrils

    of compassion that move, invisibly,

    where we cannot touch.

    Promise this world your love–

    for better or for worse,

    in sickness and in health,

    so long as we all shall live.

    –Lynn Ungar 


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