The Present Moment with Hedwig Bakker

How often do we do things kind of absent-minded or half-hearted? We do one thing, but the mind is somewhere else. How often do we go on autopilot? How often do our habits take over? As a result, our actions become less successful, less effective and most of all: we miss the present moment…and we miss out on the richness and wonders of life. We can wake up to the moments of our life and it is very simple.

We do not need to change our life, we don’t need to change how we walk, or what we wear, don’t need to change our hair style. We can bring our conscious awareness, this quality of presence to whatever we are doing. We can bring this quality of wakefulness, of ‘being exactly where you are’ to every moment of our life.

We do not need to get anything because we have it all, already. It is with us all the time, but we often forget. We only need to pay attention to the things we are doing as we are doing them. Thus, everything becomes more rich, more full, more vivid and alive, as if you are adding an extra quality to it: the quality of presence.

This gift of presence will be given to you every month in our Enews. Every month you will receive another gently guided meditation that can be a little wake up call: to wake up to the moments of your life, whether you are starting the day, eating, walking, worrying, overwhelmed, finishing the day, getting ready for bed and so on. Simple reminders, to make your life richer, more beautiful, without changing anything ‘on the outside’.

I am utterly inspired by the simplicity and power of mindful living and hope that these monthly recordings may bring extra quality, joy, calm, clarity and contentment to your life.

Love & Blessings to you all

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